Rock Choir takes lead from North-east

The UK’s largest contemporary choir is doing its bit to ‘Keep Britain Singing’ during the coronavirus crisis.

Monday, 30th March 2020, 3:46 pm

Daily on Facebook at 3pm Rock Choir delivers a free, live interactive rehearsal session for its 32,000 members and any others who want to take part in the mass sing-a-long.

This Tuesday the rehearsal will be led by local Rock Choir leader Rachael Watson, who looks after choirs in Stonehaven, Inverurie and Aberdeen.

Rock Choir has also announced it will be teaching its normal choir rehearsal schedule using live interactive teaching sessions online.

All members will be asked to log in and participate at their normal rehearsal time and will be able to interact with one another and their leader.

Founder and creative director Caroline Redman Lusher said: “The well-being of our members is and will always be our absolute priority and now we have the whole country to consider too.

“We can then contribute to everyone’s daily routine and be a reliable and constant source of support for our members and the UK community.”